Wills & Trusts

Protecting Your Legacy and Ensuring a Smooth Estate Settlement

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Personalized Trusts & Wills

Wills and trusts are a major part of estate planning.

Michael can guide you through the process of creating a personalized plan that meets your needs and goals.

Let Michael use his legal experience to safeguard your legacy and ensure a smooth transition of assets to the next generation.

Related Services

Trust Administration

Our trust administration services include:

  • Ensure your trust assets are expertly inventoried and valued
  • Distributing trust income and principal to beneficiaries
  • Representing trustees in trust litigation

Probate Administration

Our probate administration services include:

  • Filing the will with the probate court
  • Notifying beneficiaries and creditors
  • Ensure your estate assets are expertly inventoried and valued
  • Paying estate debts and taxes
  • Ensuring that estate assets are distributed to beneficiaries

Power of Attorney

In addition to trust and probate administration, we also provide powers of attorney:

  • Assign rights to individuals you trust
  • Ensure business can be managed
  • Allow financial needs to be met

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